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A student, his pain and a view!

This story is about a man, his piano, his pain and why he stopped, overlooking the ocean, the city and the seawall!

How to Choose the Perfect Piano Teacher for a Beginner.

Choosing a piano teacher when you’re a beginning piano student sets the foundation of where you can go.

Do we need the Royal Conservatory of Music?

If you are a child, teenager, young adult, adult or senior student learning and studying the piano one size doesn’t fit all! Options are the the key to life long learning!

Focused piano study is the only way to get through the hard stuff!

Are you willing to go through the tough stuff to be rewarded in the end? The rewards are sooo worth it!!

I want to learn my piano piece FAST!!!

Fast never, ever gets us to learning our piano piece FAST! Concert pianist practice 80% SLOW because they want to learn FAST!

How do you use your memory to learn the piece you are studying?

When studying a piano piece do you use your ear, muscle memory or are you thinking the notes?

We all have amazing memories…it’s just a matter of exercising that muscle!