How do you use your memory to learn the piece you are studying?

When studying a piano piece do you use your ear, muscle memory or are you thinking the notes?

We all have amazing memories…it’s just a matter of exercising that muscle!


What happens to the mind on music?

Want a better memory, executive skills, get emotionally connected to life. Study a musical instrument!

Remove the Notes/ Remove the Teleprompter!

When the notes are removed then the story begins!

Have you ever set a big goal in your life? Success is incredible!

One of the hardest goals I have ever set! But the goal was achieved!! Crazy stuff!!

Why are some people successful in piano/life and others not.

It’s all the same thing! Life and studying the piano! Sounds crazy doesn’t it!

Composers use their imagination to create music.

We were born with an imagination and dreams! It’s such a cool thing! Everything was created because of dreams and imagination! Its truly a gift! Do you use your imagination to create your music?

How do you move when you play the piano?

When one plays the piano there is movement! It’s all about understanding the movement to help you create something. It’s never been about the notes. How do you move?


Does studying the piano fill your life with joy?

Do you love your life and how learning the piano and studying a piece helps you grow into something amazing?


Do you feel inspired after your piano lesson?

Don’t you just love when either you or your children finish their piano lesson and they, or you, feel amazing and inspired!


Our emotional connection to music!

Music! It has a deep rooted connection to who we are. Does it fire you up? Make you cry……these are awesome!!!