How do you move when you play the piano?

When one plays the piano there is movement! It’s all about understanding the movement to help you create something. It’s never been about the notes. How do you move?


Does studying the piano fill your life with joy?

Do you love your life and how learning the piano and studying a piece helps you grow into something amazing?


Do you feel inspired after your piano lesson?

Don’t you just love when either you or your children finish their piano lesson and they, or you, feel amazing and inspired!


Our emotional connection to music!

Music! It has a deep rooted connection to who we are. Does it fire you up? Make you cry……these are awesome!!!


Big goal or small goals when studying the piano!

Piano goals be them big or small are so important. How often do you practice? How do you practice? It begins with a small thing in a big way that makes way for the big goal to be achieved!


Do you like your piano teacher? Are you grateful for him/her?

If your life is full of gratitude? If yes, then you are on the path of greatness with your piano, or life!

How do you practice piano?

Repetition is what we do. In our thinking and in our practicing. Biggest question is how do you practice? Are you Calm? Do you go Slow?

Welcome to Simply Talk and my First Podcast!

What is my podcast about!

It’s about the connection of how music influences your life. If you are an artist, teacher, composer, listener, learner I want to talk to you about you and your connection!