It all started with a phone call and a Grade 8 Piano Exam!

This is a story about a young lady, who is preparing for her grade 8 piano exam and me.

I received a phone call from a very quiet mom who’s whole purpose was her daughters goal of passing her Grade 8 Royal Conservatory Exam. The mom told her that her daughters teacher had a family emergency and wasn’t able to help with the last few weeks before the exam.

The phone call and our first meeting was on June 30th and her exam was scheduled for August 16th. This means we had 6 weeks to prepare!!

Away we went!! 2 days a week and sooo many changes to help this amazing young lady to get her to pass!

She was seriously struggling with many many of her pieces and I must admit how in the world are we going to do this! But she was persistent and positive and always gave her best! Always!!!

Miracles happened! She has grown sooo much as a young lady and the music that is coming from her soul is awe inspiring! She applied the way’s I told her to practice and guess what…it worked!!

It has truly been an inspirational 6 weeks and I know that she is going to do very very well on her exam, which is tomorrow!

I reminded her about her mental preparation of her exam.  Greatness lies with a pause! A moment of silence! When one allows this process to flood your thoughts music is inevitable!