My experience with a Master Piano Teacher.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote” The master will appear when you are ready.”

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I was on my fantastic journey of preparing for my A.R.C.T in Piano Performance, studying with an amazing teacher. She was warm, positive and caring and challenged me with studying difficult composers.

Then that day arrived and it came completely out of the blue.

I was attending a Piano Summer Camp at the University of Victoria and I met this gentleman who was a guest artist from Switzerland. The first time I sat down with him, I cried, because he took something that I was studying and struggling with, and made it simple! I was hooked!

It wasn’t for a couple of years, but my journey began with him and what a journey!

He was back in Switzerland and we did lessons by Skype. I am not even close to being the pianist I was as to who I am today. It changed me and it changes my teaching experience with my students and for this I am grateful!