Why do you Practice?

As I was thinking what my topic should be I decided to practice.

Why do you practice?

There are lots and lots of answers. The biggest concern that comes to mind is BECAUSE I HAVE TO!

Wow! What a answer. If that be the case I’m so sorry for your predicament.

Maybe I can change your perception. Think of the reward you get in studying the piano?

If you can think of even 1 positive answer, I think that is just awesome! I think that is probably more than most 🙂

There was a story of a woman, who survived a war, and was a star performer during that time. She was doing something against her will. But she was so grateful for meeting amazing people during this time and for the joy this provided. I watched her documentary and what I found so amazing is that she practiced every day because she “felt she was getting better”. Her words and she was in her 90’s at the time of the documentary. Those were her reasons.

Find yours and you’ll feel so much better and just like planting a seed you will watch that seed grow and become something amazing.

“Greatness lies within You”