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Do Fast Pieces Scare You?

I always marveled at how pianist played so fast! I thought to myself, how’d they do that?

Now I know.

First thing is always starting out SLOW. But also how are you moving when you are going slow.

The faster you go the smaller the movements. That’s it!

Stay close to the black keys if you have lots of accidents or it’s in the key signature. Can you imagine if your hand is on the edge of the keys and you had to reach for them. It’s just not going to happen 🙂

Let’s talk about the metronome..that ugly word! I rarely use it when teaching. The only time I do is when you are studying something that demands speed. Bring out the metronome once you know the important elements of the piece. The rhythm, fingering and the sound structure of the composition. If you’re still thinking of that your not ready. Then start with a very comfortable tempo and gradually, the word is gradually, increase. If the tempo your at is uncomfortable, stay there until you do. Don’t move on.

Happy and Slow Practicing 🙂