How do you know if your musical or not.

When I was a little girl studying piano I thought everyone’s brains thought like mine.

I thought people could here music in their brains. This is simply not the case.

I think that’s why I learned my pieces easily, because my teacher would play the piece, and because I had good note recognition. I copied her!

I never learned how to count, had no idea how to move at all! Did this hurt my musical ability? Absolutely!!

10 years of terrible instruction. Nice and awesome teachers..just terrible direction because what my heart wanted to play was not possible.

One of the best qualities in studying the piano, or any musical instrument, is to hear the melody in your head. You can carry this every where! You’ll often see great pianist mouths are moving. There is a reason for that.

So sing away to a melodic melody and enjoy this special and unique talent you were born with 🙂