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What Grade Are You?

My students often get asked by other people they meet, when talking about piano, what Grade are you?

These people are being very specific about the Royal Conservatory of Music program. There are Grades Primary to Grade 10 and then your A.R.C.T in either piano performance or teachers accreditation. The ARCT is the equivalent of a Bachelors’ of Music.

I often tell my students when asked that tell them it really doesn’t matter. What really matter is how you play!

You can play well, or you can play terribly.

In Europe, people ask, who are you studying with. This is a much  bigger impact on the quality of their piano education.

If you wanted to study at a prestigious music school, one must always audition. They do not ask what Grade you are in or what mark you received. They base your audition on how you perform. Period!!

You decide. Listen to this popular piece Fur Elise by two pianist and which way do you prefer?

Version 1:

Version 2: