All that technique! YUK??

It’s one of those things we just need to do.

It reminds me of my run today. I really don’t enjoy running at all!! But I have found a solution to help me.

I found an area outside, under a bridge and it’s really quiet there. Love that!! There is a bit of a incline/decline as well and it’s not that aggressive. I found a sequence and took action. First, a bit of a walk followed by a light jog to a specific point. Then walk up to a specific point, and then RUN FAST AND HARD to a specific point. Repeat! That was it!

It’s the same with technique. I personally am not a fan of scales, arpeggios, chords and the RCM expectation’s.

I find legato, Clementi, Hanon, Czerny and Kullak depending on the opus you are focusing on, way more challenging. They challenge in a way like running HARD, with intensity. You get it over with and then apply that to any of your pieces you are studying.

Happy piano practicing, know that you are growing, and enjoy the journey!