Magic Formula for studying a piece :)

There are very simple steps to studying a piece and it’s highly effective and you will get results FAST!


What’s up with the Thumb!

It was just a few weeks ago that I had a chance to take one of my favorite teachers out for a lunch.

He has and is instrumental in my career choice and how I teach today!

I wanted to pick his brain on chromatic scales. There is a lot of stuff on utube about what a chromatic scale is…and it’s not a difficult thing to play. What most people neglect is what movement you need to give you the speed and dexterity to play very very well.

The first thing he discussed was the Thumb! Yes! The thumb! What is it designed to do? It is designed to grab. Just pick up something and guess what grab it with your thumb and your 5th finger. it turns out the Thumb is imperative in being able to give you speed and the ability to perform technical challenges with ease!