4 weeks to become a master at the piano???? Really!!

I really loves those myths that you can master the piano in 4 weeks??? It’s madness!!

There is a very smart man, Malcolm Gladwell and I agree with him, that to master anything takes 10,000 hours.

How long is that and how much time do you need to practice?

This equates to 90 minutes a day for..brace yourself..20 years!!

If you have a desire to win a classical competition the average is 25,000 hours.

The other point to consider is, who are you studying with. There are amazing teachers and there are average teachers and then there are terrible teachers. I know..I studied for 10 years and had hours and hours and hours of practice time and my skills were terrible because my teachers were terrible. Amazing people, just terrible teachers! So..had to fix all my horrible habits!

My suggestion is choose a teacher that really knows what they are talking about. See how they play. See how they think and how they connect with you. With all the hours you spend practicing will move you forward quickly!! Or at least as quickly as possible!

I strongly urge that you celebrate often. Small steps become great leaps over time.

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