A story about a woman, and her first lesson on the Streets of Vancouver!

I began my 2017 Free Lessons on the Streets of Vancouver 2 days ago and have met people from all over the world.

One particular person, who happened to be my first of the day, is a PhD of Statistics at UBC, but she also has a creative side to her, she loves photography. Here we are under the Cambie Street Bridge with a view of the city line and the ocean. I asked her what she sees. She described to me the geometric shape of the buildings and the ripple of the waves of the ocean. Music is the same thing. We are learning to take our arm and hands and create something. In this case..music! She was so grateful, as was I, and now we have connected outside our experience. It doesn’t get much better than that!



Check out our link about this campaign: https://simplypianostudio.com/free-piano-lessons