Why is this taking sooooo long!!

Many of my students, including myself, find it a challenge to learn a new piece. As one skills grow the pieces become easier and easier, but until that happens it can be painful. Once it does happen, Wow!! It feels amazing! You feel you have wings and can tell your story so much faster.

One of the great things about taking forever in studying a piece is that it stays with you for a very very long time, even for years. Just think about anything you learn quickly. It disappears just as quickly as you studied it. Through the course of excellent repetition,slow practice and thinking the right way, music becomes alive!

A very quick story. I remember when I first really studying piano, the piece I learned was only 1 page long. Very very short. It took me 5 months to really know what I was doing. Bad instruction for so many years and it needed to be fixed. That was over 19 years ago and I still have most of the piece in my memory.

I promise you this. You will be well rewarded with your slow and patient practice!!

One must always practice slowly. If you learn something slowly, you forget it slowly.



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